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Military Mining
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Mining at La Boisselle. Early attempts at mining by the British on the Western Front commenced in late 1914 in the soft clay and sandy soils of Flanders. Mining at La Boisselle was in chalk, much harder and requiring different techniques.

The British took over the Somme area from the French during July and August 1915. On 24 July, 174 Tunnelling Company moved to the Somme front and established headquarters at Bray, taking over some 66 shafts at Carnoy, Fricourt, Maricourt and La Boisselle. Prior to the takeover, La Boisselle had been the scene of much mining activity and underground fighting. No-mans-land just south west of La Boisselle was very narrow, at one point no more than about 50 yards (46 metres), and had become pockmarked by many chalk craters. The French and German forces were constantly mining and countermining, and the area became known as the Glory Hole.

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